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Whether your painting project is big or small, interior or exterior, Murrieta Handyman painting is dedicated to protecting your interests by providing the best painting services possible.

Painting your Murrieta home makes it look great, protects the siding and trim, increases your homes’ value and keeps it looking new. As handymen, we are best known for good workmanship, reliability, and an overall commitment to our customers.

We offer a variety Murrieta painter services for our residential customers that include: interior and exterior painting, cabinet and wood re-finishing, stucco and drywall repair and replacement, exterior stain for siding or deck surfaces, siding repair and replacement, trim repair and replacement, specialty exterior coatings for metal or other surfaces, concrete sealers and epoxies.

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We stand behind our products and offer the best warranties in the industry for our workmanship and material. Our estimates are FREE!  Our office representatives are standing by take your call and learn more about your painting project!  Please call at 951-760-4702 or you can email us at

There’s no doubt that exterior house painting is underrated. Many people leave the exterior of their home alone for many years, ignoring the recommendation that a home should be repainted every 5 to 10 years, depending on what kind of paint is used for the job. The bottom line is that Murrieta residential painting offers numerous benefits, none of which you want to overlook. Here are some benefits to think about.

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Increase the Value of Your Murrieta Home

If you’re planning to sell your home, then you don’t want to overlook the fact that a fresh coat of paint can make your home look more expensive. What’s more, good curb appeal can actually raise the value of your home, which means that you could potentially get more money for your home during the sale. If for no other reason, you should consider hiring residential painters to raise the value of your home.

Of course, a freshly painted home looks great. You may find that once you paint your home you’ll feel more inclined to do something about your yard so that they can go well together.

The Murrieta Handyman painter approach to exterior painting, whether residential or commercial, is unique among Denver painters.  Our ultimate aim for exterior coatings is longevity.  To this end we are trained painters to exacting detail regarding thorough application of paint, proper use of caulk sealant, and extensive protection of unpainted surfaces.  In addition we will provide you with the important information you need to make an informed decision with regard to paint and materials.  

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